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The Wisdom of the Ages



1)        Don’t be afraid of the phrase, ‘I don’t know’

If you’re at fault, take the blame.  If you’re wrong, apologize

2)        Never gossip

When someone gossips, two careers are hurt – the person being talked about, and the person doing the talking

3)        No task is beneath you

Be the good example and pitch in.

4)        Share the credit whenever possible

If you spread the credit around, you look much stronger than those who take all the credit themselves.

5)        Ask for help

If you think you’re in over your head, you are.   Ask someone for help – you’ll make a friend and an ally.

6)        Keep your salary to yourself

Discussing salary is a no-win proposition.

7)        When you don’t like someone, don’t let it show

Especially if you outrank them.  Never burn bridges or offend others as you move ahead

8)        Let it go

You weren’t given the project you wanted you were passed over for the promotion you deserved.

Be gracious and diplomatic - and move on.  Harboring a grudge won’t advance your career.

9)        When you’re right, don’t gloat

Try never to use the phase ”I told you so”

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