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History of No Bake

Take a trip back in time to an age when people barely had enough to survive. That is where this story begins.   No Bake cookies can be traced back to an ancient time when many foods were cooked over an open flame by common folk.  The story goes that an old peasant farmer coming in from grinding oats,  tripped on a loose rock and accidentally spilled some oats into his wife's chocolate candy she was making over the fire.  Thinking her candy was ruined the old woman started to throw it out. But instead,  she poured the mixture  onto  a pan on the table and they discovered a whole new taste treat.  Life would never be the same.

Today No bake cookies are made in a variety of ways with varying ingredients. 

We found a way to bring  those ancient flavors together into an incredible treat.
No Bakes cookies have never tasted this good.
Be sure a save a few for yourself, they have a way of disappearing.




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