Brown and Brown Gems &  Sweets - We make the Difference


Fudge  for  All  Ages

                Free delivery in Tempe, AZ  Area 
                when you type in coupon code "tempe"


     Incredible Peanut Butter Fudge  It's so good
     it made Mama cry
     Chocolate Fudge  So smooth It melts in your 
     Mint Chocolate Fudge - a touch of heavenly mint
     Grammie's Gourmet Fudge- For those who 
     remember that little taste of graininess that
     only Grammas fudge was known for ( We got
     her recipe)
     All four available with nuts at no extra
     charge.  1/2 pound for only $6.50 
                   All fudge is homemade
               Nuts  Available on Request  
                 Walnuts (chopped)
                 Sweet Peanuts  (Chopped)
                 Pecans (chopped)
                 Almond Slivers 
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